Bible Reading Challenge

The Bible is the main way God has chosen to tell us about Himself. Learning what God says in the Bible is a very important part of the Christian life. As we read His Word, He reveals Himself to us.

If you want your acquaintance with Jesus to be more than secondhand from listening to sermons, or hearing the testimonies of others then make bible reading a habit.

So how can we make Bible reading a habit?

It’s been said that if you can stick with something for just 21 days, that’s enough for it to become a dependable habit. So we are issuing a Bible Reading Challenge starting February 24 to help you make Bible reading a habit.

We have selected this plan to coincide with the Lenten period and to enhance our understanding of Jesus’ ministry. By reading through the Gospel of John we will experience Jesus’ teachings, see Him at work and discover He is the Light of the World, the Good Shepherd and the Savior that God promised.

Additionally, we want to introduce you to the H.E. A. R. journal and encourage you to utilize it to better understand the passage of scripture you are reading. This is a sample of a completed H.E. A. R. journal to help you understand how the process works.

As you read you may have questions. Feel free to submit your questions by email to Vernessa Barnes or drop them in the mailboxes in the rear or front foyer. We will conclude this 21 day adventure with a time for discussion and answering your questions.

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