Small Group List




Game Night, Co-Ed, Ages 35yrs55yrs
Host: Tara Ransom
Come enjoy a night of board games, fun, and fellowship.
Meets the 1st Friday of every Month

Living As A Christian in a Crazy World, Women, Ages 18 yrs. & Older
Host: Dottie Ike
Obeying God’s Word to live set apart every day, is very difficult. This group will share strategies to help one another live victoriously, in spite of circumstances.
Meeting: TBD

Lets Run, Co-Ed, Ages 14 yrs. & Older
Host: Jerri Haslem
Respecting your Temple! Running is not a form of punishment. It is fun!
Meets weekly, Thursday, 6:00pm, various locations

Gospel Girls, Girls, Ages 10yrs13 yrs
Host: Kierstyn Chambers (Michelle Chambers)
Bonding, sharing, fellowship activities for pre-teen and young girls.
Meeting: TBD

The Daniel Plan, Women, All Ages
Host: Debbie Burks
Let’s begin our journey to a healthier life together. We will integrate our faith       life with healthy living and develop a community of supportive friends for encouragement of daily healthy food choices.
Meets  weekly Thursday, 7:00pm 

Biking for Better Health, Co-Ed, Ages 8yrs—80 yrs
Host: Washington Booker II
Biking different routes through communities adjacent to the church.
Meets weekly Saturday, 10:00am

Life’s Emerging Drama, Co-Ed Ages 16yrs & older
Host: Annie Holmes
Overcoming Obstacles: Focus on JESUS. This group will discuss the appearance of drama in everyday life: Family, Community, Job, and Church.
Meets 3rd Saturday of Every Month

Single by Choice, Single Men and Women, Ages 45 yrs. & older
Host: Sharon Johnson
A group whereby mature singles can fellowship by volunteering, traveling, and attend other social outings.
Meets 2nd Sunday of each month for lunch. Other outings will be determined by the group

The RIBS, The Radiant Illustrations of Beautiful Spirit
Mothers, Ages 25 yrs. — 45 yrs.
Host: Latoya Beard
Mothers coming together to bond, share, and teach one another from individual life experiences.
Meets 1st Thursday of Every Month in the Evenings

SMASH, Singles Ministering and Serving Him, Women Ages 18 yrs. — 45 yrs.
Host: Dyana Butler
Meetings TBD

Team Sparkle, Co-Ed Ages 18 yrs. & Older
Host: Camille Scruggs
Cleaning homes/living space for the sick and shut-in individuals who have undergone surgery/chemo or other procedures that may limit their abilities.

Men’s Prayer Group, Men All Ages
Host: Reginald Miller
Meetings TBD