Rev. Vernessa Barnes

7925660Reverend Vernessa Barnes joined the staff of Sixth Avenue Baptist Church as the Minister of Education for Children and Youth in 2002. Currently, she is the Minister of Congregational Care serving in this capacity since April 2007.

Vernessa has been a member of Sixth Avenue since 1989. She served as the Membership Secretary of the inaugural Baptist Young Women organization at Sixth Avenue (now known as the Women on Mission), as Church Media Library Director, and as a member of the Newsletter Ministry. Vernessa volunteered with Grace House Ministries, Inc. and organized their first volunteer auxiliary. After years of service, she was appointed a member of the Board of Directors.

Vernessa earned her Master of Ministry degree from Birmingham Theological Seminary in May 2001. Additionally, she completed graduate studies in Counseling Psychology at Bowie State College (Maryland) and in Adult Education at Coppin State College (Maryland).

Reverend Barnes is a published writer, co-authoring a book of inspirational writings titled “How Does Your Garden Grow”. Most recently, she has completed writings for a national publication and is currently writing the biography of a local missionary.

Vernessa completed 25 years of duty in the United States Army, serving as both a civilian employee and a soldier. She gained valuable experience as an administrator, personnel technician, trainer and program coordinator.

She is the mother of Javonti and the grandmother of Deon.